Silver has been used as natural remedy for centuries.

Traditional use as:
Against germs
Silver goblets
Against germs in water
Prevent spoilage of e.g. milk
Natural antibiotic for inflamtion and liver problems which works very affective.

MicroSilver is used against bacteria ,fungi and resistant as toothpaste , deodorant. Can be used in treatment of skars after operation.
Reduces the bacteria responsible for odor formation . And many other areas usuage.

What is colostrum

In recent years, Colostrum has become more and more popular among people as a food product. Thanks to its pro-health properties, it is gaining popularity as a remedy for all ailments. As a result, it becomes the subject of much scientific research. What is colostrum? What makes supplementation with this ingredient so popular?

About aloe vera

Aloe vera has long been included in the group of “superfoods”. This is one of the most magical plants on our planet. It consists of fleshy leaves with gel-like juice filled with valuable substances beneficial to humans. Its regenerating power can be seen when the leaves are cut and the “wound” closes, which helps to protect the nutritional value inside. How to take advantage of the goodness of this plant? Has aloe vera rightly maintained its reputation as the most biologically active plant?

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