Aloe Vera Express Moisture Face Mask


Aloe Vera Express Moisture Face Mask


• 50% Aloe Vera gel, organic wild rose extract and an active ingredient combination of Aquaxyl and Aquapront™
• Provides the skin with up to 95% more moisture in just 3 minutes*
• Improves skin elasticity and moisture content
• For refreshed skin and a radiant complexion

75 ml



Aloe Vera Express moisturizing mask When your facial skin is dry, rough and you feel uncomfortably tight, it’s time for an intense dose of hydration. One of the simple ways to solve this problem is the LR ALOE VIA Express Moisturizing Mask. In just 3 minutes, the mask provides the skin with up to 95% more hydration *. 50% aloe vera gel, rosehip organic extract and the composition of Aquaxyl und Aquapront (TM) give the skin a radiant and fresh appearance. The skin is more elastic and better moisturized.

* Confirmed on the basis of a corneometric test conducted by the Dermatest institute in January 2017 with the participation of 20 test persons.

Application method:

Apply a thick layer of the mask to the cleansed face, neck and décolleté. Leave for 3 minutes, wipe any residues with a cosmetic tissue. Trivia The mask contains a unique composition of active ingredients to improve hydration: 50% aloe vera gel moisturizes dry and irritated skin. AquaprontTM fills in wrinkles and reduces pores and improves the appearance of the skin immediately after application. AquaxylTM is a mild ingredient that reduces water loss and visibly moisturizes the skin. Panthenol improves the level of hydration.

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