LR Premium Scented Satiny Amber candle


LR Premium Scented Satiny Amber candle


LR Premium Scented Satiny Amber candle
Sensual, warm mood.
A feast for the senses with floral notes of blue iris, romantic rose and delicate jasmine, wrapped in the aroma of amber and musk with a hint of mandarin and golden saffron.


We consciously use ecological materials such as rapeseed oil wax and recycled glass to make candles.
After the candles have burnt out, the glass casings can be used as decorations.
Sometimes less is more! Particularly on long, frosty winter evenings, small pleasures are important. Relax in an armchair with a good book, a glass of tea in hand, by the atmospheric candlelight. These magical moments will be even more beautiful if you create an atmospheric atmosphere with stylish scented candles.
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