Silver has been used as natural remedy for centuries.

Traditional use as:
Against germs
Silver goblets
Against germs in water
Prevent spoilage of e.g. milk
Natural antibiotic for inflamtion and liver problems which works very affective.

MicroSilver is used against bacteria ,fungi and resistant as toothpaste , deodorant. Can be used in treatment of skars after operation.
Reduces the bacteria responsible for odor formation . And many other areas usuage.

Skin care -fight against imperfection [Regardless of age]

Dirty skin ,oily ,shiny skin , Blemishes ,blackheads
Increased production of sebum leads to clogged and enlarged pores,blackheads are formed.
Blackheads are an ideal living enviroment for bacteria inflamation and may develope .
Solution for it is MicroSilver Pluse which gentle ,normalizing care against pollution. A cleansing cream that deeple cleans the pores and antibacterial face cream reduced them .
MicroSilver Pluse face care is specially tailored cleansing program and care, which helpes to reduce skin pollution in the long term and regain a radiant complexion. It cleans blocked pores and kills bacteria . It soothes and cares for irritaded skin. The skin regains nice apperance. Our face Cream showes significant reduction in oily skin . A clear improvment in the condition of acne prone skin.
Rediction of blackheads by an avrage of 24%papules by approx 30% and pimples by approx 29%. Very good tolerance even with a stressed skin acne. Antibacterial face cream tested on 30 patients suffering from acne at the age of 13-25.The cram was applied once a day for 6 weeks. The study was conducted by Dermatested GmbH.

Face wash cream

Product properties

Gently and deeply cleanses the pores
It does not dry out the skin
Reduces pollution
Regulates and stabilizes the skin

Active ingredients
Salicylic acid opens up blocked pores
Dexpanthenol calms and cares
Zinc supports healing and regeneration
Microsilver has an antibacterial effect
Skin tolerance has been dermatologically tested

Face cream:
Product properties
It has anti-inflammatory properties in which helps
soothes and regenerates the skin.
Refines the appearance of the skin and
reduces pollution and prevents its formation.
It does not leave a greasy layer and does not stick

Active ingredients
Defensil: calms the skin, soothes irritations, has anti-inflammatory properties
Dexpanthenol: soothes and cares
Zinc has a healing and regenerating effect
Microsilver has an antibacterial effect and prevents the formation of contamination

Apply the Microsilver cream evenly on the cleansed skin of the face.
Advice: before applying Microsilver cream, cleanse the skin thoroughly
antibacterial face cleansing cream.

Very good tolerance even with stressed acne skin
Significant reduction in oily skin
Clear improvement of acne skin condition

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