My wife and two sons have been using LR products since August 2018. Generally speaking, we do not get sick. We do not have inflammations, temperature jumps, fever because we do not get infected, we do not catch viruses. I will not say that we are like steel because there are feverish conditions, but only with minimal symptoms. If something happens, it takes several hours, one afternoon max until noon the next day. It immunizes the body while deacidifying it. Aloe cleansed the body, made the colostrum immunized with the recovery of muscles and increased vitality. The use of Pro12 also had an impact here because properly functioning intestines have a positive effect on the absorption of food, nourishing the body and, as we know, the intestines are responsible for 80% of our immunity. We obtained deacidification by using the minerals contained in Probalance. I had a lot of gaps in the articular cartilage in my knees. You could feel and hear the so-called backlash. This problem was solved approximately 95%. In addition, from 82 kg of weight I went down permanently to 74. The weight still holds. I will add that I reduced the visceral fat from 12 to 8. The maximum is 4, so I have something to work on.

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